Filled with real-world examples, The Case for Wine is a trove of business entertainment do’s and don’ts.

What businesspeople are saying about the book Wine for Businesspeople 100: The Case for Wine

“Bill Libby’s The Case for Wine has much to offer executives on the subject of using wine effectively when entertaining for business. The real-world stories are very good and they make their points in a highly readable fashion.”

John Calian, Director, Solutions, Amdocs Digital Services, Seattle, WA

The Case for Wine steered me to a higher level of respect for the ability of wine to create an atmosphere where you can really connect with people.”

Mark McNeely, Marketing Manager, TOSHIBA, West Allis, WI

“Once at a business dinner, a former boss was talking to our customer and just handed the wine list to me, saying ‘Pick a nice wine for us.’ I had no idea what to do then. Now I do.”

Steve Sullivan, Artist/Entrepreneur, Los Angeles, CA

The Case for Wine is all about the strong connection between success and skill with using wine in business. Libby makes the case like no one before him.”

Charles Allen, Chairman, Sloan Valve Co., Franklin Park, IL

“Bill Libby’s wine success stories, which offer insights into how disciplined many executives are about integrating wine into their repertoire of skills, should sound a wakeup call for businesspeople not yet exercising the wine option when entertaining.”

Leonard F. Bertain, CEO, Bertain Consulting Group, Oakland, CA

“At senior leadership levels, wine is often a key part of entertaining. For this reason, it is particularly valuable for a business leader to know as much about wine as her most wine-savvy associates or guests.”

Sarah J. Clark, Director, HR Technology, North America, Towers Watson, Chicago, IL

“I have seen many people fumble wine tasks. It is painful to watch. Bill Libby’s The Case for Wine, with its case-history approach, should provide all the motivation any person needs to learn about wine.”

C. William Welch, Principal, Welch Inc., Portsmouth, RI

“U.S. wine consumption has grown steadily for the last two decades. This trend is driven by the affluent, highly educated and well-travelled—a good description of businesspeople. Libby’s book is timely.”

Howard Gordon, Principal, GRFI Ltd. Market Insight Practice, Chicago, IL

“Bill Libby spotlights the role entertaining with wine plays in creating and maintaining a long-term bond between businesspeople and customers. His wine-blooper stories underscore the importance of doing wine right.”

John W. Manchester, Partner, The Manchester Co., Inc., Hartland, MI

“Many business leaders recognize that confidence when handling wine sends a signal of sophistication, social accomplishment and savoir-faire. For this reason, The Case for Wine is a book I will use as an advertisement for my wine-education firm, Wine Wise Consulting.”

Megan Wiig, Principal, Wine Wise Consulting, New York, NY

“Bill Libby’s case histories about wine offer some telling examples of senior businesspeople who muffed their attempts to bring wine into a business gathering. I know from personal experience that the outcomes of senior managers’ behavior can ding employees’ morale, as well as their attitude toward the company that employs them.”

Peter Krupp, Owner, Peter Krupp Photography, Corvallis, OR

“When I entertain I like to go to BYOB restaurants. They tend to have interesting food and I can practice pairing wines with out-of-the-ordinary ethnic dishes. Most businesspeople don’t do this, so it’s a way for me to stand out and be memorable compared to people who entertain in more traditional ways.”

Raymond A. Osborne, Free-lance Writer, Chicago, IL

“As a salesman, I need to be able to get on the wave length of every customer and prospect. When I’m selling someone who likes wine, knowing about wine is a huge plus.”

Joseph Dammann, Sales Engineer, Fabcon, Savage, MN

“Doing business internationally virtually guarantees you will be working with a lot of people who enjoy wine at business meals. In these kinds of circumstances, knowing your way around a wine list is invaluable.”

John Jenkins, Director, Business Excellence, RTI International Metals, Inc., Houston, TX

“You never know when a business-entertainment opportunity will arise where knowing about wine would be helpful. Bill Libby’s The Case for Wine points the way to success with a lot of easy-to-use tips for learning about wine.”

Charles Orman, Product Support Representative, Daily Equipment Company, Pearl, MS

To get a copy of Wine for Businesspeople 100: The Case for Wine, log onto: www.amazon.com


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