Author William J. Libby

Bill’s eye-opening case studies are gleaned from decades of first-hand experience.

Wine for Businesspeople is a wine-education website dedicated to advancing the skillful use of wine in business.

Our goal is to raise awareness of the role strategic entertainment can play in securing new business, growing current accounts, strengthening relationships and insuring long-term success with clients, customers, suppliers, associates, donors, the media and others.

In client-relation situations, both at the beginning of a relationship and after decades of doing business, entertainment helps businesspeople achieve a range of objectives. Knowing how to entertain keeps companies thriving and careers moving upward.

Through this website, blog, books and seminars, Wine for Businesspeople will demonstrate how wine knowledge and skillful entertainment have become part of many a successful individual’s personal style. Professionals who lead people, win business, manage accounts, produce results and interact successfully with people across a spectrum of occupations benefit from the know-how entertainment training and wine knowledge provide.

Wine for Businesspeople was founded by Bill Libby to share his enthusiasm for using wine when entertaining. As president of Libby Communications, Bill routinely meets with clients, clients’ customers, the media and associates connected with his and his clients’ businesses. Over decades in business, Bill has watched a number of people who know how to entertain with wine achieve significant success, including selling billions of dollars of their companies’ products, building competition-resistant customer relationships and lifting themselves to the highest levels of business in their respective industries.

Many of his experiences have been chronicled in Bill’s book, Wine for Businesspeople 100: The Case for Wine. 

Read reviews of this book at: http://www.amazon.com/wine-businesspeople-100-the-case/dp/147008554/ref-sr_1_1?ie=utf8&qid=1336424061&sr-8-1

Visit our blog to read postings about experiences others have had with wine and to share your wine success stories.


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