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Wine for Businesspeople: The Blog

28 Jan

This blog is dedicated to wine moments. Most businesspeople during their journey to the highest rung they can reach encounter wine along the way. Wine encounters provide good moments–such as when a client thanks you because he has just had “a perfect meal”–or a bad moment, such as when you make a wine blooper your colleagues never let you forget. The bad moments take many forms: picking the wrong wine, wine gaffes, mispronunciations, lapses in entertainment etiquette and other behaviors that shine a light on one of our wine shortcomings. There’s an easy solution to gaining confidence with wine, doing the right thing when entertaining, and racking up successes in business with an assist from wine. It’s to learn everything you can from the mistakes of others so you don’t make them yourself. And watching how the most skillful users of wine in business accomplish their goals and have fun along the way. Welcome to Wine for Businesspeople.